Perfect Cake Slices: Your knifing reflexes tested to the limit!

The concept behind Perfect Cake Slices 

Are you stuck at home with nothing to keep you occupied, and so much free time that you know not what to do with the endless hours? Perfect Cake Slices is here to help! Providing a quick-thinking food slasher game guaranteed to glue you to your mobile, this app entertains while putting your reflexes and tapping skills to the test. Gameplay entails a lineup of food players need to slash through to complete levels while earning diamonds that can be used to unlock various rewards along the way. You can compete, and exchange turns with friends and family on a single device to see who is the best. In a nutshell, Perfect Cake Slices is about precision in movement and, most importantly, having fun slicing your way through food!

App features

The Google Playstore is where you need to be headed for your version of Perfect Cake Slices. You can download it at no charge and start playing with friends today! Here’s what this fun-filled app brings to the table:

  • Excellent graphics, super immersive sound effects and flawless game mechanics to ensure a quality in gameplay that’ll keep you hooked for hours on end
  • A host of beautiful themes waiting for you to unlock as you get deeper into the game.
  • Offline playability. Your internet will not limit your playing hours because you can play without it
  • Simple arcade features that make it extraordinary adult and kid-friendly as well. The easy-to-master, one-tap controls ensure everyone can get in on the fun


How Perfect Cake Slices works

Perfect Cake Slices features a lineup of food that players need to slice through to earn enough points to fill the green progress bar at the top and complete the requirements to proceed to the next level. Stage completion comes with diamond rewards that players can use to unlock a variety of other foods besides cake, namely donuts, cupcakes, and more. The player fails when he/she slices the foods that are on the plate. As you rise through the levels, the speed of the game increases to give you a proper challenge and push your slicing skills to the limit.

Why Perfect Cake Slices is unique 

Simple yet elegant and fun, Perfect Cake dazzles in its straightforward mechanism that leaves no one out of the fun. It is a game for all ages, and you can easily get the hang of it thanks to the simple controls. The stunning graphical layout, coupled with the nicely complementing sound effects, goes a long way into creating a surreal experience!

Play Perfect Cake Slices today, and watch the boredom slip away! You’ll be looking forward to playing each day!

Price: FREE


Download from Android Market

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