Quantum Revenge: Fast-Paced Space Arcade Game with Non-Stop Action and Excitement

Quantum Revenge is quick to draw any player with its stellar graphics, but does it give justice to its gameplay? But first, it’s really important to highlight the former. After all, it’s really one of the main strengths of the game. It appears to draw inspiration from mecha-themed anime like the infamous Gundam series and the equally stellar anime Evengelion.

And, indeed, much of its 3D and 2D visuals are apparently inspired by anime, which are well-complemented by the awesome special effects that you’ll be able to see once you start to immerse yourself in the game’s universe. For its high-quality graphics, the game certainly deserves a thumb’s up.

Now, on to its gameplay. The app actually incorporates a number of set missions for its players, which they need to successfully finish in order to progress to later levels. As in other arcade games, you are pitted against two bosses (which are quite challenging) at the end of each level. Before starting, you can choose your player and mecha, and proceed to customize them however you like. As of this writing, there are a total of 6 you can choose from, and each one has its own unique abilities and special attacks.

The app’s gameplay bears a close resemblance to the classic game Asteroids, but the fact that you are able to swap your view while battling and that there are scenarios were in you can be attacked from all sides really ups the ante of this game and makes it all the more original. You are also given various assist drones that support you while you destroy any enemies that come your way.

Take note that they drop various bonuses as well, which range from extra XP, cash, and health boosts. Besides this, you can also randomly pick up different weapons, which changes your main blaster. The XP that you collect, in turn, makes your weapon more powerful as long as keep collecting them and avoiding enemy projectiles. As you finish levels, you are also allowed to upgrade your mecha’s armor so it would have stronger shields and drones.

As for controls, Quantum Revenge actually incorporates two digital analog sticks and a single button. The left stick is for movement and while the right is for combat respectively while the Power button is for activating your special ability. Firing is automatic and the right stick simply fulfills the purpose of directing your shooting towards your enemies. The said ability can be charged up by killing opponents (as exhibited by the bar on the right side of the screen). As said above, the ability varies and is based on the mecha of your choosing.

Take note that you can freely dodge projectiles and enemies that come your way as well, which really calls to mind the almost dance-like fluidity that the mechas in animes like Gundam moved while annihilating their interstellar foes. In fact, it’s actually important to dodge as getting hit would cause you to lose XP as well as power. Every time you complete a level, you gain big rewards and the level that follows it features completely different enemies and bosses, which adds to the game’s dynamism and freshness.

Quantum Revenge trumps its mobile competition with its unprecedented graphics, overall gameplay, and controls that afford complete freedom of movement. Very rarely can mobile app games achieve the level of immersion that classic shooter games have inspired in gamers in the past. That alone serves as this app’s shining achievement.

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