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Racing Moto – It is Madness on Road

Do you ever have a dream to ride your bike so fast in a rush traffic in real life, yes as a born adventurous human beings we all like to happen that dream to come true. But we haven’t have an enough dare to do that. So, what will you do if you find such an Android gaming app that will make this happen!


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Racing Moto for Android is the fast paced racing game developed by DroidHen games. The game starts with the moto riding at 60 KM/H in a road that loads with the movement ot the cars in the same direction as the bike moves.. The aim of the game is to control the moto without crashing the cars and by ticking up your score.

The moto can be controled by tilting the device, the best part is that the movement of the cars can be identified by their indicator lights. But when you are driving at the speed where you don’t know what you are doing, its difficult to take a note of those indicators. The moto acceleration can be increased by tapping the screen which will boosten up the speed. The user is provided with the booster level upto 5. You can find your current booster level in top right of the screen. Once you are on the booster your scores starts ticking away in a great deal. Your score is propotional to your speed here.


Racing Moto Screenshotrel=“nofollow”>Racing Moto Screenshotrel=“nofollow”>


To say about graphics, it’s pretty neat. You can enjoy your ride through desert, city, bridge, sea and forest. Tutorial section will helps you to learn about the working of the app. To conclude, Racing Moto rel=“nofollow”> is really too good for free of cost. You need Android OS 1.6 & up.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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