Shoot, Strike, Goal! Immerse in Soccer, Anytime & Anywhere.

Awarded the Best Sports Game in the MENA ( Middle East & North Africa ) region at the International Mobile Game Awards, Fans of Soccer is a unique table soccer app that is enthralling soccer enthusiasts around the world. The soccer-themed disc game app features multi-level gameplay that allows players to play attack or defense using strategy and ball physics. Players can either play one-on-one with friends or anyone from around the world or enter multiple tournaments.


Available on Google PlayStore, as well as Apple iTunes, Fans of Soccer is a free gaming app with over 50,000+ installs garnered in a short span of time.


Playing with worthy opponents with a diverse range of skill sets never lets the fun of playing soccer ebb away. Moreover, the app keeps the players engaged for hours as each level of difficulty poses a new set of challenges and opportunities to learn new skills.  The game provides you with the opportunity to unlock new features with every level, which in turn boosts your score and helps you win over your opponents. What’s more, the Fans of Soccer app adds a zing in the gameplay by enabling players to use specific superpowers at each level, adding magic to skills and strategy-based gameplay. Enjoy a full-fledged clash against your rivals or opt to play short mini-games between meetings or chores to keep yourself pleasantly occupied.



When you win, the world ought to know –the Fans of Soccer app continuously updates its leadership boards to users around the world. Besides securing top positions on the app’s leadership boards, our cool rewards and online prizes constantly motivate you to better your game and beat your opponents. The app also allows winners to collect different teams and cups, making the whole gaming experience more exciting. 


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