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Do you have what it takes to make it in the world of a top-class chef living the dream? Find out with the impressive cooking game Kitchen Clout! Mix and match ingredients, stir up the oven, and rev the coffee maker to fulfill the food combo demands of your customers and earn coin rewards for your efforts. Use coins to upgrade equipment and work your way across levels to new heights in the hotelier industry, as you gain fame and respect for your culinary prowess. With many levels to keep you occupied for hours on end, Kitchen Clout offers endless cooking adventures at the convenience of your fingertips!

App Features 

Kitchen Clout promises never-ending fun with more than 100 levels to keep you occupied. It also offers the following:

  • Competitive cooking in time-limited settings to have you on the edge of your seat
  • Special boosters to give you an upper hand during gameplay. For example, if you aren’t on target to reach your coin goals for the level, implore the price doubler to multiply your earnings.
  • Play online and get in on the worldwide cooking mania
  • Reach new levels and amass a good reputation by timely cooking praised in positive reviews
  • A wide variety of ingredients to work with, ensuring you can satisfy the exotic desires of your imagination.
  • Earn extra by doing extra shifts
  • Many upgrade options including crazy new skills and restaurant spruce ups

Kitchen Clout is a game not only for girls but boys and people of all ages and divides. Available on both Apple and Google Playstore, your joy and love for cooking are all you need to get started!

App working

You can log in with Facebook to save your progress or play straight away without registration. Each level entails fulfilling customer orders behind your cooking counter, with the first few offering simple requests and combos to give you a hang of the game. Completing levels gives you coins that you can use to upgrade and buy special boosts such as the price doubler. Each customer has a dwindling patience meter, and you need to make each food ready before the time runs out lest the customer leaves, and you don’t get paid. 

How Kitchen Clout stands out from the crowd

Kitchen Clout offers the full restaurant experience that encompasses not only the cooking craze but also management. You get the feel of working as a chef and, in some ways, as a hotel owner too. It provides a holistic foodie experience and entails many cooking techniques that you can unlock with progression. 

Kitchen Clout’s realism is its standout feature, and it’s a cooking game that’s as close to the real deal as it gets! 


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