Space Ball – Experience the Joy of Playing Basketball in an Innovative Way

Basketball undoubtedly drives its audience off their seats. It has become so popular that many mobile apps are being created based on the sport. The all new Space Ball is a contemporary game with which you can have some terrific basketball gaming on your device. With incredible basketball hoops and dunks, you will have unlimited fun. Explore this electrifying app and experience the new way of playing basketball.

About the app:

Space Ball is an Android app which offers an exhilarating basketball game. The concept of the game is to move the purple alien from left to right by tilting your device. You have to use your finger to hit as many baskets as you can with the ball provided. The basketball hoops move from one corner to another. It is a thrilling game with four different challenging modes, each with a lot of surprises. Difficulties increase as you proceed through the different levels. Each level has different types of backboards, explosions, lightnings and teleports.

Working of the app:

On opening the Space Ball app, you are provided with four modes namely Classic, Time, TNT and Ultimate. You can have control over the game in the disguise of an alien. You are provided with a variety of basketball hoops each with a unique quality. Some of them slow down your game while some others provide you with many basketballs, so that you shoot them continuously.

With the ‘Classic mode’ in Space Ball you are given a time limit of two minutes. Discover the fun by just hitting as many basket hoops as possible. Your score varies according to the type of the basketball you hit. You are given a star when the number of hits increase. There is a ‘stuck ball’ hoop in the game which locks down your ball until it passes. All you can do is wait until it releases the ball. The ‘Time mode’ gives you a time limit of 30 seconds. You have to hit as many baskets as possible during the given time. You will gain some extra time, when you hit a timer that comes your way. The ‘TNT mode’ of the game provides you with three extra balls. The extra balls are provided because you will lose your ball when you hit the TNT box. You have to hit the right baskets to increase your score. ‘Ultimate mode’ is the one in which you can find a lot of challenges that are interesting and thrilling. This mode is unlocked only when you complete the other three levels.

Space Ball

The graphics, blending of elements, lively background, pace of the game and gameplay are the highlights of Space Ball. The game has very good music that suits the basketball theme. As the game requires full Internet access, there are chances of interruption if you lose connectivity while playing. Otherwise, it is an absolutely amazing app for anyone who loves playing basketball.

Space Ball is a free app that requires Android 2.2 or later versions.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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