Spell Caster: Word puzzle game with RPG twist

The word puzzle game market has become filled with dozens of options that all feel the same. Following the same formula and the same style. Making it hart to get a truly unique experience when you are looking to satisfy your word puzzle gaming itch. Spell Caster changes all of that.

SpellCaster is a fun and refreshing take on the word puzzle game genre. It takes everything you love about word puzzle games and adds in an exciting RPG element. In Spell Caster you will be faced will all types of unique and different monsters for you to fight with your spelling skills! You will find your vocabulary expanding with each passing level, as words get more complex, and monsters get bigger and stronger! You’ll have to level up and keep fighting to see all of the enemies and areas available in the game!

Spell Caster offers you:


– Over 20 different unique and frightening enemy types to defeat.
– 4 different, and heart-pounding dungeons areas to explore.
– A fast-paced and fun leveling system to make you more powerful, and capable of defeating your foes.
– Everything you love about word puzzle games, combined with your favorite RPG elements.


But how do you play?


Spellcaster gives you a fast-paced, but very simple and elegant play style. Your main goal is to spell hidden words using the letter tiles at the bottom to fight the enemies you encounter. You will have to spell as fast as you can because every unique word you spell causes damage to your enemy! With each enemy you successfully defeat, you will unlock new levels and areas to explore. Gaining you better prizes and stronger powers for facing your future enemies! Even though the battles will become increasingly more difficult as you level, and move through the game; you will find potions and consumables to assist you in battle, just like in your favorite RPGs!


Each enemy you defeat will not only make you stronger in-game, but it will also increase your vocabulary and exercise your brain! Spellcaster is truly a unique take on the word puzzle game genre. You will never find yourself bored with these fast-paced and exciting puzzles. There is always a new monster to defeat with the power of your words!

You can find Spell Caster on iOS or Android. So download today and start your quest to be the strongest and fastest speller in the land!

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