Take the Power of Ludo with You Wherever You Go!

The classic board game Ludo is revised into the comfort of your mobile screen, bringing back your old childhood days literally into the grasp of your fingertips. Offering enough space for four players, the digital version of this beloved favorite is a great way to spend some family time together at home, or even from far, and strengthen your bonds. Ludo offers many benefits for your mental health, keeping you entertained and unlocking young minds with strategic thinking.  Ludo TheBoardGame app taps into the future of gaming, offering on-the-go playing abilities ensuring you have fun with Ludo at the park, away on holiday, and anywhere else when the craving desires!


Head on over to the Google PlayStore to download Ludo TheBoardGame app. Here’s what you can expect from this popular board game:

  • Multiplayer and solo modes for all kinds of gameplay.
  • Voice chat feature so you can talk with friends or family as you play. Make fun and have fun
  • Save your progress on Facebook for easy login. Guests can also play on your device via guest logins
  • Battle your friends from halfway across the planet. Not even distance can keep you apart from the Ludo fun.
  • Win voucher-redeemable diamonds from online tournaments, where you get proper challenges worth your skillset
  • Use your mobile phone as a single board, and play with all your friends from one device. Players take their turns respectively in a pass-and-play system
  • Offline playability. You don’t need to have an internet connection to enjoy Ludo. You can play one v one against the AI or within present friends
  • Choose between English and Hindi for a gaming interface you’re most comfortable with.


Working on the app

Ludo is a modern derivation of the Indian classic game of Pachisi, although not as complicated as the latter. If you’ve never played before, the concept is quite simple. Each player gets four tokens, which they need to get around the board through dice rolls. The first player to bring all four home wins. Ludo features multiplayer capabilities for between two and four players.

How the Ludo TheBoardGame app stands out

Certainly, there are Ludo alternatives out on the interwebs; however, this specific version of digital Ludo stands out, especially on two fronts. First, the free voice option feature ensures you can tease and chat with friends across India and the world, no matter where they are, thereby making for the most interactive gaming experience. Secondly, this Ludo game offers in-game rewards like coins and diamonds that you can redeem for Paytm and Amazon vouchers. So you can earn money while having fun!

Be sure to download Ludo today, and spend quality time with friends and family on an all-time favorite!


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