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Tim The Traveler: Help Tim Explore Wondrous Worlds and Solve Hundreds of Puzzles to Return Home

Time The Traveler is one of those adventure puzzle games that is quick to grab the attention of gamers with its concept of space and world exploration. After all, in it you take the role of Tim, an ape who has been adopted by a scientist and subsequently trained in a special farm to develop his intelligence and skill for space exploration. Having been sent on his first mission, Tim gets lost in space and it’s your task to help him find his way home by exploring up to 7 planets with a total of 280 levels, each of which has unique topography and different gravitational rules. 

As in other puzzle games, Tim The Traveler incorporates a hierarchical level advancement. You start with a green earth-like planet. Once you enter a world, you will find that the game is also similar to a lot of puzzle apps available with the 3-star rating system it integrates. If you start a puzzle level, you are tasked to roll a boulder either down or up (depending on the planet’s gravity rules) to collect all three stars and complete a level (a flag with a banana symbol on it would then be planted on the completed level, signifying your having been able to conquer it). 

Each level has a time limit so you have to expect difficulty levels to increase as you progress. The key to solving the challenges that each planet offers is, of course, to familiarize yourself with how the elements interact in each one. You also have to pay close attention to timing and angling in some levels. What’s certain is that the puzzles would surely test your various mental faculties. The planets’ geological features are easily discernible by the names that they are given. That being said, you have to pay close attention to them as they determine the type of challenges that you will face. 

The app is essentially free, but you can opt to unlock the other available planets and purchase various customizations using either the stars you’ve earned or real money. There are items that can only be exclusively bought using real money, though, such as the star packs that contain a set number of stars and the no ads pack that would effectively remove ads from your gameplay. 

Comparing Tim The Traveler to other puzzle apps, it certainly makes itself different with its concept of playing an ape to explore various worlds. Its puzzle challenges are highly original as well and are presented in such a way that they won’t appear stale and overused to gamers who have played a lot of these kinds of apps before. If you’ve been a long-time fan of puzzle mobile apps then you really shouldn’t miss out on what Tim The Traveler has in store for avid players, beginner and expert alike. 

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