Toki Tori App Review

When I was little and when all my friends got to have any pet that they wanted, I was banded against having chickens in the house. Off course there was a very good reason… Mom was allergic. Yes that was bad and I had to walk down to Katie’s house to play with her’s. This was when I was three.

Well have you ever had that feeling, when you do not get something that you wanted especially when you were a kid, there is always a longing deep inside that sometimes just vanishes away with time…. Well I felt that way with chickens and the funny part was I fell in love with “Tweety” because he looked a lot like a chicken. Poor me 🙁

Well the reason why I brought that up was, because I was reminded of that obsession when I stumbled upon “Toki Tori” on the app market when I was browsing through. Well I didn’t stop at that, I just had to know what it was about, so I went through the description, which got me interested and had me downloading the app in a jiffy.

To my surprise the app was indeed fascinating, I wouldn’t have expected that at my age, that I would be glued to a little kiddy game. Well I played for hours and it was fun and challenging. Well the game goes like this, there is a little chicken called “Toki Tori” who is wandering through the forest in search of eggs, and you play the role of helping the chicken find the eggs. Well it’s not going to be as easy as it seems, for there are traps , ghosts, slugs that are mean and evil and puzzles that you need to get through, that make your journey a little bumpy. Not to worry you some tools of your own that will help you make it through, there is a  Telewarp, Freeze-O-Matic or the indispensable Slug Sucker and i’m not going to give up the fun by telling you how to use them, try it for yourself and watch the magic work, I’m sure your going to be amused. Well I love playing it, its awesome, try it I’m sure you’ll find it a lot amusing and relaxing as well. 🙂

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