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Treasure on Wheels – Collect Precious Stones from Caves to Save People

Feeling adventurous? How about becoming a treasure seeker like the Pirates of the Caribbean or Indiana Jones? What if you can find treasure that would help people? Treasure on Wheels is an app with an interesting twist where you must collect precious stones from caves to save people who are suffering.

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Treasure on Wheels is a game of strategy available under the Arcade and Action category in the Google Play store. The game begins with a story of a boy who grew up listening to tales of treasure seekers. He later becomes a treasure seeker himself. One day, a disease haunts the village and many people fall ill. The treasure seeker comes to know about a magic stone in the caves that cures the disease. The game begins as he sets out in search of these stones.

In Treasure on Wheels, as the name suggests, you’ll be collecting treasures in a wheel cart. The game is very simple. All you have to do is collect precious stones in the cart by tilting your device to the left and right. While you collect the treasure you have to make sure that you unload the cart once it is full, otherwise you will not be able to add more stones to it.

There are various types of stones you can collect. You need to avoid the cobblestones as they do not give you any points but just take up space in the cart. Treasure on Wheels has a total of 15 levels each with different challenges. A bar on the top left hand corner indicates the capacity of the cart. A bar on the right side of the screen displays the points you have scored in the current level. Your score depends on the number of stones you collect. You can proceed to the next level only after you collect a certain number of stones in each level.

The app’s opening screen provides options like Play, Shop, Treasury and Help. Using the ‘Shop’ option you can buy items like a cart, lantern and much more with the stones you have collected. The ‘Treasury’ tells you how many gold coins you have gathered and how much more you need. The Help section of the app explains the game well and I didn’t face any hassles while playing the game.

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You can control the music and sound effects in the game using the settings option. Treasure on Wheels is suitable for kids of all ages. (Even adults will have a good time playing it!) I noticed that an option to pause the game isn’t available in the app.  
The graphics and background themes are excellent. But I felt a little disappointed when I was not able to share my scores on social media. I would have liked to see a leaderboard as well. Nevertheless, the short storyline that appeared in the beginning gave me a strong reason to play the game, and I enjoyed the experience.  

Treasure on Wheels is a free app that requires Android 2.2 or later versions.

Price : Free

Rating: 4.5/5


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