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Ultimate Brick Breaker – An Exciting Twist to the Regular Brick Breaking Challenge

Do you fancy brick-breaking challenges? Enjoy a new take on the classic brick breaking game. Ultimate Brick Breaker explodes with fun, excitement and action. It is not just a game of strategy, but a test of speed and dexterity as well. The app’s addictive gameplay is sure to delight both kids and adults and provide an exciting destruction experience!

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What’s the app about?

Ultimate Brick Breaker belongs to the Arcade and Action category in the Google Play store. The idea of the game is to get rid of all the colorful bricks you see on the screen. You have to move the paddle using your fingers to project the ball and make it hit the bricks. The challenge lies in ensuring that the ball does not touch the ground.

Working of the app:

Like all brick breaker games, you just have to hit the ball up the screen to break down the stacks of bricks. You will have to remember to adjust the position of the paddle to fire the ball back when it comes down. You lose a life when you miss the ball. The game provides you a total of 2 lives. You need to knock down all the bricks to clear a level. Your score depends on the number of bricks you remove.

Ultimate Brick Breaker has a total of 24 individual levels. When you position the paddle properly, you will be able to direct the ball towards more than a single brick. The ball can be made to bounce around on the screen and hit many bricks in one shot. The speed of the ball increases gradually as you knock off the bricks. You will be able to unlock the next level only after completing the one you are playing. You can conveniently pause a game whenever you want and resume it later.

The features:

Ultimate Brick Breaker has excellent graphics and astounding sound effects. The power-ups that appear when you hit the bricks are the most exciting aspect of the game. They make the gameplay all the more exciting and challenging, and provide an exciting twist to the traditional brick breaking challenge. There is a violet power-up that increases the size of the paddle and a green one that gives you an additional ball. The yellow and blue power-ups are those you need to avoid like the plague! The yellow one reduces the speed of the ball and the blue one decreases your paddle size.

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Game hints could have been displayed from time to time to help users know about the functioning of different power-ups. The app does not support landscape mode. Options to share scores through social media could have been included to make the game more exciting. The ads that appear while you play the game are quite distracting. Nevertheless, Ultimate Brick Breaker offers a fresh twist to the classic brick breaker game.

Ultimate Brick Breaker is a free app that requires iOS 2.2 or later versions.

Price : Free

Rating: 4/5

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