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Words And Rockets – Fire Words and Boost Your Score

Solving puzzles is the most interesting exercise that makes your brain work fast and sharpens your skills. When it comes to word puzzles, no doubt, they are the best way to test and enhance your vocabulary. Playing a word game with your friend or with a random person can be a great way to learn new words. Words And Rockets is a game specially for people who love to have fun with words.

About the app:

Words And Rockets is an Android puzzle app in which you have to enter words related to the one provided as the master word. Each game has five rounds before a winner is determined. It is a multiplayer word game where you can invite your friends or play with a random player.

Words and Rockets

Working of the app:

On opening Words And Rockets, you will have to use your email address to create a user account. You can choose your own display name. Create a new game once you log in and get your friends on board by sending them emails. You can also play with other random players.

Playing Words And Rockets is very simple. You will be given a master word and 5 boxes on the left side where you have to enter the words similar to the given master word. For example, if the master word is ‘building’, you can enter ‘bricks’, ‘office’, ‘apartment’, ‘cement’ and ‘construction’ as your best options. There is special option called ‘Rocket’ which can be used to find the best results of your game. Rockets can be fired once in each round by selecting the target word. While firing your rockets make use of them wisely.

Rockets can be used in 2 ways. One way is to fire it at your own words and the other is to fire it at the opponent’s word. Firing it at your words will immediately reveal the best match for that position. Firing it at your opponent’s word will ensure that the player gets 0 points for that word, when the scores are published.

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To know the best matches tap the center of the screen. Each word that you match in the correct location will give you a bonus of 100 points. Once the scores for all the 5 words are known, you can check the result for any attacking rockets. Remember that this action can lower your score! The winner of the round is published after the points are added up. You are awarded with a rocket for each round you win and points will be converted to coins. The exciting feature of the app is, each game you win can be posted in your Facebook profile, by enabling these settings. You are provided with 20 master words for 20 rounds and you can purchase the deluxe pack which provides you with 500 more words.

Words And Rockets is a classic puzzle game. The graphics used here are absolutely brilliant. A timer option could have been included in each round to make the app more amazing. Otherwise it is a challenging game with exciting gameplay that greatly improves your vocabulary.

Words And Rockets is a free app which requires Android 2.2 or later versions.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5


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