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Kitchen Timer Pro-Never miss the happening in your kitchen.

Kitchen Timer Pro is a solid kitchen update perfect for kitchen cooking clocks like boiled egg clock, tea clock, nourishment clock, blinds clock and so on. Kitchen Timer with caution is a basic clock application, The fine cooking clock application with multi-clock – flexible stop clock highlights for your savvy kitchen. It demonstrates the clock controls on the locked screen notification, so even phone is locked you snooze- cancel- stop the clock from the locked screen itself. It gives you a chance to set time suggestion for the greater part of your kitchen apparatuses on your brilliant kitchen.

Highlights OF THIS APP

  • Two touch timer, Just Set time and begin and that is it!

  • It works in the background, which implies that you can begin the countdown and close the application, it will in any case ring when the time is up.

  • It vibrates and it influences a sound when the time is up, with warning you can rapidly nap for additional time or stop the clock

  • Simple easy expert UI Interface


  • Set the Timer Duration: Tap on default duration shown and set the timer duration you want. then click on the start icon to start the countdown.

  • Cancel the Timer: Tap on the Stop icon and the ongoing countdown will stop.

  • Pause for a while: Tap on the pause icon and you can resume it later.

  • Snooze, I need more time: once the time is up, it will show you the option to snooze, if you tap on it, you will see predefined snooze minutes to snooze the timer.

  • Saving my settings: Create new dishes and specify the timer duration, you can use it later to start the timer quickly.


This application is only the best application you can crosswise over it is primarily for nourishment darlings and individuals who get a kick out of the chance to set up their own particular dish. With kitchen clock pro you can set the clocks quicker on Kitchen clock professional than any of alternate applications out there. additionally, you can spare clocks that you regularly utilize. There are default dishes accessible for you with clock length, so you can just rapidly pick one as opposed to setting the time and you can make numerous all the more such dishes with clock term you need and later you can utilize it for fast clock. It will keep on ringing until the point when you stop or rest it. it monitors the time that a commencement is surpassed. In the event that you have to keep the steak on for one more moment, simply nap it for a moment more. you can arrange default rest times in settings. It has no senseless mechanical wheel or dial recreations that simply back the interface off.

You can make dishes and give the name and clock lengths, for instance on the off chance that you generally get a kick out of the chance to make hard-bubbled eggs for precisely 6 minutes, that is no issue for Kitchen Timer Pro. Additionally, you can set Kitchen Timer for any longer interim’s. It gives various alerts previously the clock runs out. This implies you can set it notwithstanding for a period touchy kitchen undertaking, leave the stove, and rest guaranteed it will get back to you with time to save.

Most loved clock application. Amazingly straightforward and instinctive

Price:  Free 

Download from Android Market

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