Cute VS Evil: Vanquish the Forces of Darkness with Utter Adorability in This Hybrid Puzzle Game

Puzzle game apps are a dime a dozen nowadays, and it takes a game that brings something new and engaging to the table in order to be successful. Cute VS Evil could very well be one those few games, as it’s a pretty solid puzzle game that is abounding in originality in just about all of its aspects.

Cute VS Evil’s unique gameplay may be attributed to its seamless mixture of two types of puzzle games: matching games and bubble shooter games. Much like other puzzle apps at present, Cute VS Evil also incorporates level-based advancement. You have to beat every level in order to gain access to succeeding, locked ones.

In every level, players are given a specific objective from the outset. Most of these involve collecting a specific number of items and dealing with a couple of enemies (called Evils). Every level features grids of various shapes and sizes that contain a random arrangement of the said items. In order to collect them, you have to match the identical ones that are adjacent vertically, horizontally and diagonally with one another.

Certain levels also feature a second floating grid above, and this is where the bubble shooting aspect of the game comes in; this grid is where most Evils are located as well. Once you match a number of symbols on the first grid, you can them take aim at the ones located above (which also have to be similar to the symbols you’ve matched) to pop them.

Symbols that are grouped together or next to each other are popped all at once, as well as different symbols that are next to them or are surrounded by them. Popping these symbols is also a great way to collect items that you need or destroying evil beings to meet your objective as wells.

There’s no other game that helps players become easily immersed in it than one that tells a story. Indeed, storytelling may not be the main focus of this app, but the fact that it has included this with its level-advancement feature only ever makes the game more engaging for most players. Similar to other puzzle apps, Cute VS Evil also has a star-rating system, which grades your performance on every level. You can either get 1, 2 or 3 stars depending on the score you get per round.

It’s apparent that Cute VS Evil is made different from other puzzle apps by its original designs, themes, gameplay, and storyline. Rarely do puzzle apps offer something as completely new as this, which goes to show the level of dedication that its developers have.

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