[FinePuzzle] Number Drop: Highly Challenging Number Puzzle Game with Entertaining Twists

Puzzle games that involve numbers are bonafide brain teasers that could not only entertain you for hours but stimulate your gray matter as well. Number Drop evidently intends to set itself apart by introducing a puzzle number game that combines various elements in the puzzle and arcade genres. For one, if you are familiar with classic games such as Tetris and Candy Crush, think of Number Drop as a hybrid mixture of the two.

Nonetheless, it does involve a certain degree of math, particularly awareness of the order of similar numbers once they are multiplied with the each other. After all, you score points in this game either by connecting numbers with the same value or connecting a long chain of numbers in ascending order that happen to be adjacent to each other.

As in other puzzle games that involve creating chains, the longer the chains that you get, the more points you earn in a single combination. You only need to move the number tiles in the grid to create the said combinations by either swiping them to the left, right, up or down (diagonal movements and combinations can’t be performed).

Number Drop has two game modes: Mission Play and Ranking Play. The former involves finishing levels that have specific objectives; you are not allowed to skip the levels so you have to do your best to attain the goal of any level to advance to the next one. Besides regular missions, you are also given a special daily mission that changes every day. Ranking Play, on the other hand, tests how far you can go in a single game that automatically increases in difficulty the longer you play it. As can be ascertained from its name, this game mode would also determine your overall ranking worldwide.

Another interesting concept that the game introduces is the characters that you can choose to play as. The default character is Jack, who brings his own unique power-ups to the table. For instance, he has a special tiles that could randomly drop, which could either immediately erase 3 panels or promptly change the standby panel to the number ?’. You purchase other characters with equally different special tiles by using medals. This currency can either be purchased using real money or earned in-app. Lastly, you can also use medals to upgrade the skills of your chosen character.

Number Drop really gives a unique twist to number puzzle games, with the plethora of unique and interesting concepts it introduces to gamers. All of its singular aspects make it stand out, which is why we won’t hesitate to say that this is a highly original game. It also encourages competition with its incorporation of a global ranking, making it perfect for the puzzle game competitor at heart.

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