Where’s My Water? 2: A Worthy Sequel to the Well-Loved Croc Puzzle Game

A sequel to the hit game Where’s My Water?, Where’s My Water 2 retains many of the features that made its predecessor such an addicting and entertaining puzzle game but is also filled with new ones, which veteran players of the hit title would certainly find surprisingly enjoyable and easy to warm up to, in the same manner that the first title was able to. As for novice players, they better be prepared for a more challenging game.

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First, we will focus on the visual content of the game first. Not much has changed about the game, graphics—wise, as it still pretty much maintains the Disneyesque, cartoonish imagery of the original, which is just fine since the graphics of the first title is already considerably incorrigible. The physics of the water, as it cascades and flows, and the change in other environmental elements of the game as the player interacts with them are still as praiseworthy as ever.

As for the actual gameplay itself, Where’s My Water 2 also remains faithful to the mechanics of its predecessor. The player still has to direct puddles of water by digging through dirt to Swampy the alligator in order to finish a level. He is also still tasked with collecting rubber ducks along the way. However, there are obviously new modes that the player has to complete once he has gotten past the first, introductory level.

In “Duck Rush”, for instance, the player has to dig dirt and get as many rubber ducks in a limited time frame. Besides this and as the player progresses, he will encounter more peculiar levels and other game modes. For instance, there are now levels where everything is topsy turvy and there are challenge modes, unlocked after the player finishes a level, where the player isn’t allowed to collect a single ducky. Swampy’s companions, Allie and Cranky, now enter the limelight as well. In A|lie’s mode, players have to direct steam at her in order to help her with her organ, which runs on steam. Cranky, on the other hand, needs purple water in order to sanitize his food.

There are very few games that Where’s My Water 2 can be compared with as the series is truly an inimitable game. Therefore, we shall only list down other differences that it has compared to the first installment. For one, the game boasts of having more than 100 puzzles to solve; each of which can be unlocked if a specific number of rubber ducks (three, in most cases, hence the invention of the term “tri—ducking) have been acquired by the player from a previous level. This is a clear departure from the original, where levels can be unlocked as long as the player is able to finish it.

Where's My Water? 2 - Android App

This sequel also now follows a freemium model, which require players to connect to Facebook to replenish the energy that they use up each time they attempt to finish a level. The energy timer, as in other games that use them, is refilled over time, though. Connecting to Facebook also allows users to be competitive with their fellow players and friends. There are also numerous achievements that the player can unlock for which he can earn specialized duckie themes.

With that said, Where’s My Water 2 is certainly a worthy addition to this celebrated franchise, for all the new, fascinating features it has incorporated. Who knows? With a few major updates, maybe it could even surpass its forerunner.

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