Wonder Dragons: Help Your Dragons Take Back Their Homeland in This Addictive Puzzle Game

Have you been craving for a new puzzle game with a lot of fresh features that really get you hooked in no time? Are you a fan of great matching puzzle games that help you pass the time and keep you immersed because of the challenge that you can expect in every level? If yes, then you should really give Wonder Dragons a try.

The game has quite a gripping storyline as well. Dragonland has been invaded by humans and orcs, and it’s your task to awaken the dragons in your homeland to stave the said invaders off. Of course, you can only ever do this by completing the puzzles in each level.

As said above, in this game, puzzles mostly involve linking fruits of the same type that are next to each other. Take note that the fruits can not only be linked vertically or horizontally but diagonally as well. And the actual matching involves tracing your finger to form the said fruit links. Obviously, the more fruits you form in a single link, the better your score will be. Anticipation is required as well, as in other games of this kind, in order to form big combinations and score high. Some fruits have special properties as well, which when linked, can also cross out other fruits, regardless of their type, adjacent to them.

The challenge lies in making the most out of your moves as in every stage you are only given a set number of them. Also, in every level, you would be given specific goals to accomplish. In one, you are required to achieve a specific score before you run out of moves. In another, it’s your job to get a specific total number of fruits.

What’s sure is that you can expect different obstacles in every level. The amount of moves that you have left after you finish a level would be multiplied by 10, which is then added to your total score. After every round, you are allowed to choose an egg, which gives you bonus resources. These resources can be acquired liberally from the built-in Free Spin feature.

There are a total of two resources in the game. First are coins, which you can use to strengthen the dragons that you have hatched from their eggs. Diamonds, on the other hand, can be used to purchase extra lives, extra moves, or power-ups. The lives that you have left are displayed next to these resources as well. You lose one every time you run out of moves in a level and end up failing it. Similar to a lot of Facebook apps, Wonder Dragons also allows you ask for extra lives from your friends in the said social network.

The app calls to mind the gameplay of a lot of hit puzzle games that involve matching like Candy Crush or Bubble Shooter, but the connection of Wonder Games to the said classic games only extend that far. The game is definitely made unique by its incorporation of other elements besides puzzle-solving; although, the different challenges in every puzzle level also serves to make this game stand out. The other feature involves the long-term task of helping your dragon hatchlings evolve and grow by spending coins on them. Marvel at your dragons as they evolve from tiny hatchlings to the fearsome monsters that we know them to be.

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