Word Search Puzzle 2016 App Review

The Perfect Word Puzzle App for All Logophiles 

 Word puzzles have served as a popular pastime for generations of people throughout history. It’s no wonder then that many app game developers are creating apps, which are built around the concept of word puzzles for the present generation. Indeed, much of the appeal of these games are rooted on our natural affiliation with words, and it’s for this reason that you can expect the interest for such games like Word Search Puzzle 2016 to never wane.

The latest installation to App Appa’s popular Word Search Puzzle app, Word Search Puzzle 2016 showcases every positive feature that endeared many word-search buffs and lovers to the series, with a few changes and enhancements in design and interface. Known for designing simple apps, which deliver users’ needs directly and in a straightforward manner, App Appa certainly carried over their trademark to this recent release.

Once the app has been launched, the user is immediately taken to the main menu where he can do modifications to the grid as well as the shape and color of his marker. As in previous versions, grid sizes vary, with 5*5 being the smallest and 15*15 the largest. The size of the grid is usually associated with the difficulty of each puzzle, and it’s still the same for Word Search Puzzle 2016. There are plenty of marker customizations that the user can do as well, which is a real plus for variety.

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Once everything is set, it’s time to begin hunting for words. The words that you are supposed to look for as still listed below the grid. You can shade the words horizontally, vertically, and diagonally; some can be pretty hard to spot because they are reversed. The Random Word Count feature are for people who prefer to be given a random grid to solve.

There are numerous word puzzle apps available in most mobile app stores nowadays. What makes Word Search Puzzle 2016 different is its Random Word Count feature, marker customizations, as well as the ability to choose the size of the puzzle grid. One other defining aspect of the app is its developers’ dedication in expanding the content of their present apps, and Word Search Puzzle 2016 is no exception. As of this writing, there are already over 5000 words that are included in the game. You can expect this collection to balloon more with the passage of time, making this the perfect app for those who just can’t seem to get enough of word and crossword puzzles.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.6/5

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