Challenge Your Vocabulary and Quick Thinking with This Word Puzzle Game

Word puzzle games will always have their unique appeal as they aren’t only very entertaining, they’re also potent brain trainers as well. Just think about such classic games like Scrabble, and you’ll certainly know what we’re talking about. If you want a game that is slightly similar in difficulty and concept, then you really ought to give Word Stash a try.

Word Stash presents itself as a brain training game that could really give your vocabulary a run for its money. And why is this? Well, for one, like Scrabble it mainly involves looking for words to form using the specific jumbled letters that you have available. In every level, you are given blocks of letters from which you are to form valid words.

You will see that each level has a block pyramid with a certain number of blocks on every row. These represent three-letter, four-letter, five-letter, and so forth, words that you were able to form from the blocks that were given to you. That being said, you are only allowed to input one word for each row of blocks on the pyramid.

As you attempt to form words, you can freely shuffle the letter blocks to help you think up of more words to form. For each correct word you input, you gain (besides scores) not only a single letter clue for the longest word you can form but also add a few more seconds in the timer. Yes, the game is timed so you can expect it to exercise your quick thinking to the fullest. And what ultimately makes your task herculean is that the timer actually doesn’t reset after every level you complete. Your highest score will always be recorded, though.

Majority of the difficulty of the game hinges on the specific rule of the game that the player should prioritize guessing the longest word that you can form with the blocks (all blocks should be used) as well as the fact that each level is timed. The long words are particularly difficult to guess as well because the game liberally includes vague terms that you can only encounter in encyclopedias, dictionaries, and thesauri.

With that said, what ultimately sets Word Stash apart is the challenge that it brings to the table. It wouldn’t be taking it too far to say that even the most seasoned logophiles would have a hard time discerning these word puzzles, and it’s for this very reason why we highly recommend it if you have grown tired of word games that never manages to stimulate your brain’s gray matter.

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